Group buy terms

Some products on are sold as a 'group buy'. This means that they have not been manufactured and will be submitted to the manufacturer for production once the group buy has ended. Items that are part of group buys clearly reference to the terms on this page in their product descriptions. The main reasons for hosting group buys are that these products are made on demand in small quantities and give customers the option to buy them at a lower price compared to purchasing from in-stock inventory.
If a product receives less interest than anticipated, we could cancel this product prior to producing it. This means that we pay back any money we owe you if we cannot deliver.
A group buy guarantees an item within the production batch to be made specifically for you. We always make a few extra items to be able to replace faulty ones at the last step of quality control. If we have any of the additional items left after a group buy, they will be made available through our webshop as a general item with a higher retail price and shipping within a few business days. Since you place an order for an item that has not yet been produced, delays might happen. We already take some additional time into account for delays within our estimations. However, due to variations, we might ship orders before or after this estimated date. If we encounter extreme unpredictable delays, we offer the option for a refund. Since items from group buys are custom, we cannot accept returns unless the product is not according to the description or not functional/broken.